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Elevated: An Anthology of Short Stories Mel Vil

Elevated: An Anthology of Short Stories

Mel Vil

Published May 16th 2014
ISBN : 9782954512549
106 pages
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 About the Book 

The short-story format is one that is often overlooked, but nonetheless essential in the development of creative writing. It embodies the ideas of relevancy to plot and concision in description. There is also a lot to be learned in the use and deployment of time frames. This collection of short stories presents a range of different styles. Some may fall into the traditional category, while others are somewhat more experimental. In any case, there is something of pertinence in each one. These stories aim to challenge some traditional ideas of writing fiction. To do this they combine elements of poetry and prose with those of the plastic and cinematographic arts. What modern art museums show us time and time again is that the form of works has morphed consistently. This began to creep into literature during the middle of the last century, but has since vanished. Modern art must challenge the audiences expectations. And so the modern short story must do so too. Hopefully within this selection of stories are they keys to being able to conceptualize the extent to which this is possible. No art form prevails over the other. No trip to South America either. In life, as in art, one may wander alone down an untrodden path, but all must advance together. These stories uncover some of the darker sides of both life and art. Strap yourself in, open your mind and set into a world. Enjoy the stories and please share them!