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Unusual Affairs Ruthie Tate

Unusual Affairs

Ruthie Tate

Published March 15th 2012
Kindle Edition
226 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Trust Leads to Deception…Jessica thinks she has it all: a fulfilling career on the fast track, and a loving, trusting relationship with her fiancé, Lawrence. But she isn’t prepared for the twists and turns life has in store for her. Lawrence’s loving consideration deteriorates, and Michael, her boss, harasses her with sexual advances. Lost and betrayed, Jessica begins to wonder if all men are abusive and untrustworthy, like her father was. She makes a stand to take her life back and ends her relationship with Lawrence. But he shows his true colors, leading her to fear for her life. But there is a surprise in store for her…Michael steps up to the plate, after confronting his own family tragedies. Jessica begins to learn that the truth underlying the behavior of the men in her life is far more complex than she could ever have guessed and that nothing is as it seems. As she learns to listen to her heart and embrace her dreams, Jessica finds compassion for herself and those around her, as she starts an adventure of learning who she really is, and whom she can truly rely on. Vivid and resonant, with true-to-life drama, heartbreak, and redemption, Unusual Affairs explores the deceit and hidden secrets in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships and shows the consequences and rewards that come when the truth is revealed.